Young man drops out of uni after his 7 girlfriends from different classes find out

A severe case of violence from multiple students to a young man has shocked the university community in Dunedin. The man told his classmates he was going to drop out of university, but never told anyone the reason, he just said that he didn’t feel comfortable anymore, but the real reason was discovered later, when he had to face his 7 girlfriends altogether, something he thought was not supposed to happen.

“It was not supposed to happen. In fact, it was supposed to be impossible. I studied their schedules, the places where they live, everything. I expected that, maybe two or one might find out, but not all of them”, he claims, from the hospital.

After facing them, he was interrogated and had to clarify everything. He didn’t lie this time. They already knew the truth.

After he was done, he was beaten up by three of them, whereas the other three were asking for mercy. “He’s a good man. I’m sure he didn’t mean it”, one of them said.

He was rushed to the hospital, with at least one of his girlfriends worried about the situation.

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