Worlds first down-syndrome police officer

Meet Constable David Downie!

In a world first Mr. Downie is the first person in the world with down syndrome to join the Police force. ConstableDownie aged 31, completed his training at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua.

“Ever since I was a little kiddy I wanted to become a copper! It so so exciting that now I can now ride around in the broom broom cars and chase the baddies and arrest them. It’s funny because people call cops pigs and my friends think I have a fat piggy face. On my first day I arrested a naughty man for stealing potatoes” 

Constable Downie is a front-line Police officer who is working out of the Greymouth Police Station. He is currently a probationary constable which will last for two years. During his probationary period, he will undertake a variety of assessments, before becoming a General Duties Constable. As a probationary constable, he is earning a generous starting salary of $56,106 per anum ($62,791 total remuneration), and has the chance to specialise in a wide range of police careers.


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