Women excited benefit will increase with arrival of 6th kid

A Whangaparaoa women who already has 5 kids to 5 different fathers is excited that her benefit will be increasing with the arrival of her 6th child.

The mother-of-five already gets more than $56,000 in benefits a year says she needs more money to buy new school uniforms for her children. So she has decided to have another child.

Helena Dudley, 27, from Manly on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast, who first became pregnant when she was just 17 and now has five children by five different fathers, admits she has never worked.

The single mother says she cannot afford new uniforms and clothes for her growing children, despite blowing money on cigarettes, meth and takeaways.

Miss Lawlor, who appeared on Channel 5's On Benefits: Breadline Brummies, says she is 'entitled to every penny I get' and claims she was treated 'totally unfairly' on the programme 

Miss Dudley, who appeared on Threes new show – Breeding Benefit Bludgers says she is ‘entitled to every penny I get’ and claims she was treated ‘totally unfairly’ on the programme.  

She said: ‘I am not doing anything illegal or wrong. I have to look after my kids. I love them all and I have to treat them. It’s stressful looking after five kids on my own.

‘I do buy a few takeaways for them because sometimes I just can’t face cooking and yes I do smoke a bit of meth but I can’t cope otherwise.’ 

Miss Dudley lives in a three-bedroom council house with children Harlem, eight, Cristal, six, Alize, five, Shinaenae, three and Toto, one. 

She says she receives no financial help from her ex-partners as she does not know who they are.

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