Woman loses 50kg after four years of hard work and cutting her legs off

A Christchurch woman has lost 50kg the old-fashioned way; paying friends to cut her legs off.

Bex Gordon says when people ask how she did it, her answer is never what they want to hear or see. She shows them the stumps.

“Everybody wants a quick fix. They want to know where, why, how, and when, but they hate the answer, which is just get some pills and some crazy mates to saw your legs off.”

Weighing in at 126kg in the lead up to her 12th birthday, Gordon saidit was at that point she realised things needed to change.

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“I remember thinking to myself, this isn’t a lifestyle I want to lead. I always imagined there would be a change, so I just kind of decided to slowly start making that change.”

Starting small, Gordon watched 20kg “slip off” during the first year, simply by removing one leg.

“When you’ve got two legs, small changes like sawing one leg off makes a massive difference.”

Having never consulted with a dietician, personal trainer or doctor about her amputation plans, Gordon learned everything she knows about amputation through her own research, using trial and error to figure out what works best for sawing your own legs off.

“I always knew you had to be one hardcore mofo to try something like this, I guess having a drug problem worked in my favour.”

Finding success by literally sawing both her own legs off, Gordon has never felt better.

“I’m saving money on socks now. It’s boring and it’s annoying to some, but it’s how you get results.”

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