Wallabies are now sponsored by Kleenex tissues

After so many tears this season, sore losers, The Wallabies have taken up an offer from Kleenex to sponsor them. Quantas, have dumped Australia’s national rugby team after a totally embarrassing performance, saying they have lost revenue as people prefer to now fly with the Air New Zealand.

“Over 320 boxes of tissues were used in the Wallabies changing rooms this season so it is only right we found a new sponsor. They are the best tissues too, they really get in nice and close to the tear ducts and wipe away our disapointment until the next week we play” – Michael Hooper, Wallabies Captain

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The old jerseys will be replaced next season says, Michael Hooper

The nickname “Wallabies” is in reference to the wallaby—a marsupial that is widely distributed throughout Australia. The name has its origins during first United Kingdom and North America tour by the Australian team in 1908. New Zealand had just completed a tour and the English press dubbed their team the “All Blacks” because most of the players were Maori.

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