Vinny Eastwood – Woke or Mentally Retarded?

Jesus fucking Christ, I just wasted an hour of my time listening to New Zealand ‘journalist’ Vinny Eastwood. It is safe to say my IQ has just decreased by 39.

I watched a YouTube video from ‘The Webster Report’ hosted by Paul Webster with ‘special’ guest Vinny Eastwood from the Vinny Eastwood Show!

Here are a couple of points I have recorded

  1. Vinny Eastwood is a guest on The Webster Report yet doesn’t let the host speak – he steals the whole show.
  2. Vinny Eastwood interupts Paul at least 90% of the time when he tries to talk.
  3. Vinny Eastwood shares and promotes his own YouTube Channel trying to get Pauls viewers to follow him – What a champ!
  4. Vinny Eastwood speaks about 20% truth.
  5. Vinny Eastwood doesn’t seem to be medicated for his serious ADHD.
  6. Vinny Eastwood’s addiction to marijuana certainly isn’t helping his intelligence.
  7. Vinny Eastwood can’t stop asking people for money.
  8. Vinny Eastwood is showing signs of paranoia and drug induced psychosis.
  9. Vinny Eastwood’s band sounds like a cat getting raped by the pit bull that lives across the road.
  10. Vinny Eastwood does not listen.

So, Is Vinny Eastwood woke or retarded?



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