Stratton Court Australia

It has come to our attention that USA property investment company Stratton Court Australia is being run by bankrupt property developer and former life coach – Jack Steven Taylor previously known as Stephen Robert Donnelly.

Jack Taylor and his current partner Tracy Duffy deny that Jack is the director of Stratton Court however evidence we have found throughout the internet tells a different story. He is clreary running the company but has it in Harry Karunanayake’s name.

When you call the phone number ( 1300 701 225 ) listed on Stratton Court’s website you get the following voicemail

“Youv’e contacted Jack from Stratton Court please leave a message I look forward to getting back to you as soon as I can.”

If you Google “Stratton Court Jack Taylor” the first thing that pops up is ‘USA Investment Property Seminar – With Jack Taylor at Awfis BKC

Stratton Court’s email address

Tracy Duffy, Jack’s partner has left fake reviews on both the website testimonials and on Google.

On her Google review she states “I’m not sure what was going on with the 2 reviews below, looks like another case of business trolling to me, probably not even real clients of Stratton Court, (Google doesn’t require proof of being a client to comment) as it is a gentleman by the name of Harry who runs this business, not even sure who Jack or Steve is. “. It is interesting she says this as both her and her partner Jack Taylor left a review on Anchor Troll Marketing’s Google reviews about the amazing service Nina gave when setting up their SEO for their Australian company Stratton Court.

Contact Jack Taylor Director of Stratton Court today!

Phone: 1300 701 225 
Business address: 445 Toorak road Toorak, VIC 3142 
ABN:  90 874 093 369

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