Stratton Court accused of scamming and misleading customers

A disgraced bankrupt business man has been accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from potential property investors and intentionally misleading them with his company

Jack Steven Taylor, formerly known as Steven Robert Donnelly is alleged to have pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars that clients believed was being use to purchase investment properties in the USA.

Melbourne man Martin Jones is taking legal action against Jack Taylor, saying he transferred $115,469 to the bank account of Stratton Court, which Taylor then kept. 

“This guy is making a mockery of Australian law, he is also misleading people. The man is trying to use an Indian man by the name of Harry to front the company.”

“I am trying my best to stop this fraudster but I am not getting any support from the Australian authorities.”

Jones said he never received the USA property he purchased in Florida. In the months spent trying to get his money back, he lost sleep and was unable to work.

He has filed proceedings against Stratton Court at the Melbourne Magistrates Court, with the hearing date scheduled in December.

Jack Taylor is understood to be the subject of multiple complaints to police including a rape which happened in New Zealand. A police spokesperson said they couldn’t comment on whether specific individuals were the subject of an investigation. 

Approached by Sydney Morning Herald, Jack Taylor acknowledged Jones’ legal proceedings but refused to comment on them. 

Stratton Court Australia’s details are listed on Google as

Address: 445 Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142, Phone+61 401 273 417 and 1300 701 225

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The little man Jack Steven Donnelly banned a whole town in New Zealand from staying at his motel, he then went bankrupt and his wife divorced him.
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Jack Steven Donnelly is the fraudster behind Stratton Court USA Property Investments.
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Jack Taylor the dirty scammer.

Jack Taylor has also been accused of a historical rape in New Zealand.


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