Sex workers offering Gold Card discounts to seniors

Prostitutes from all around New Zealand are offering Gold Card discounts to senior citizens.

A man from Auckland was recently cruising around K-Road and the side streets when he approached a prostitute. He was surprised when she asked him if he had a Gold Card, which he did and she offered a 15% discount.

“She must of just been taking off the GST for her services”

 New Zealand now has some of the most liberal prostitution and sex laws of any country in the world. Unlike what many people feared, these relaxed attitudes have not led to any more significant problems than elsewhere and sex workers are given good protection by the police. Sex slavery and underage prostitution are not legal in New Zealand.

In 2003, laws were passed in New Zealand making prostitution legal. Prior to that date prostitution was widespread but hidden under the front of massage parlors. The change in the law was welcomed by many as it gave sex workers recognition and rights and access to police protection if necessary.

Now there are brothels and sex services available throughout New Zealand, although generally more evident in the larger towns and cities. With a third of New Zealand’s population, Auckland has by far the largest range of services. In smaller centers, services may be available through escorts and private workers. Details can generally be found in the local newspapers or online (other forms of advertising are not permitted).

It’s important to note that the legalization of prostitution in New Zealand applies only to New Zealand citizens and residents — it remains illegal for visitors on temporary visas to work in the country’s sex industry.

Street Prostitution

This is confined to certain areas in the major cities. Street prostitutes usually operate in the evenings and at night so if you are walking around these areas during the day you are unlikely to encounter any.

Escort Agencies and Brothels

There are brothels and escort agencies in all of the main centers. There are no ‘red light’ areas as such in New Zealand, although there are places where strip clubs and brothels tend to be concentrated. In Auckland, they are in Karangahape Road and Fort Street, both in the central city.

Sex and Swingers Clubs

Although not strictly speaking ‘pay for sex’ operations, there are some clubs in New Zealand that permit sexual activity to take place and which charge an entrance fee. Generally, only couples or single females are admitted. The swinger scene is very small in New Zealand but swinger clubs do exist.

Safe Sex

It goes without saying that if you engage in any sexual activity you should practice safe sex (use condoms). All reputable sex workers in New Zealand will require this as it is, in fact, a legal requirement. It is also obviously for your own protection; New Zealand has fairly high levels of sexually transmitted diseases.

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