SCAM: Kangen Water with Alicia Walsh

SatireHub has just received an email from someone updating us on Alicia Walsh’s current scams.

“I had a friend invite me a long to this Kangen Water presentation. I didn’t know who it was with and it ended up being Alicia Walash. She is so unprofessional. Almost every second word coming out of her mouth was fuck or cunt. For some reason all these people believe her scams and when they don’t make any money Alicia Walsh tells them it is their fault and then stops replying to them on Messenger.

The Kangen Water is a bit of a scam in itself – just a whole lot of bullshit. There are a heap of videos about it online.

Alicia Walsh preys on uneducated people making them believe that they will make millions. She claims she makes up to a 7 figure income. She has never posted a picture of her holding more than $2,000 or $3,000 – because that is all what is probably in her account lol. She gets so excited when she takes out $2,000 from her account like its the biggest deal in the world.

She tries to convince all these people on benefits to give her money. No one makes any money except for Alicia Walsh and her scams.

She doesn’t know a thing about cryptocurrency.

Kangen Water is a scam.

Alicia Walsh is just a fraudster who hides in Australia.”

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