SCAM ALERT: Boss Up Your Life With Alicia Walsh

You probably landed here because you searched on Google wondering if ‘Boss Up Your Life With Alicia Walsh’ is a scam. Well heres some non-surprising news, of course its a fucking scam you fucking un-educated, lowlife idiot.

Alicia Walsh continues to sell dreams to the most vulnerable people in our communities, and when ‘you’ don’t get the promised returns, she blames it on you, that you didn’t work hard enough.

Alicia Walsh has scammed everyone from teenagers, to the elderly and sadly, her own family. She continues to scam people trying to sell a Kangen Water dream. If that water is so good for you, why is her partner and herself both morbidly obese?

Heres some tips if you want to make money fast!

1. Get a job.
2. Sell drugs.
3. Make porn.

You will not make money by, buying into Alicia Walsh and her partner Josephs scam. The ‘Game Changers’ are just as thick for promoting Alicias Scam. So when you loose your money, run to them and see if they will help.

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