Rotorua mayoral candidate proves once again that the elderly should not be using social media

A Rotorua mayoral candidate has lodged a formal complaint with the police in relation to a social media page parodying his run for mayor.

Reynold Macpherson, who is running for mayor on behalf of the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers Association he is secretary of, complained to the police earlier this week about a page which is obviously satire, proving once again that people over the age of 70 shouldn’t be on social media.

The complaint centred around identity theft, image theft and “fraudulent impersonation that puts words in my mouth and abuses others, all under the guise of parody”

Macpherson’s complaint is in relation to the page labelled a parody of his run for mayor. He said he had asked the administrator of the site to take it down, without success.

“That administrator of the fake site has replied saying the site is labelled parody. That is putting lipstick on a pig,” Macpherson told SatireHub.

“My reaction on having the site drawn to my attention by a Residents and Ratepayers’ member was the same as the member; disgust at the dirty politics involved because it is not the first anonymous site that has been set up to attack us.”

The page was set up on May 29 and has just one like and five posts yet old mate McPherson thinks it warrants a trip to the police to make a formal statement.

The posts include pointers to Rotorua Daily Post articles written when Macpherson faced a claim of defamation, when it was revealed he had cost the council more than $237,000 and when he launched legal action to get the election results voided.

SatireHub is asking the government and Facebook to introduce ‘social media licences’ once a person turns 65.

If you are over the age of 70 – please refrain from using social media.

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