Random Pakeha’s turning up to tangis just to eat hangi and boil up

A disturbing trend has started happening throughout New Zealand with random Pakeha people turning up to Marae’s for a Tangi, just for a delicous bowl of boil up or a succulent ground cooked hangi.

“I watched this movie Wedding Crashers when I was a kid and I thought I would give it a go, but it was hard to find out when the weddings were on. So then I started thinking about funerals, I did a few European ones but I was sick of club sandwiches after a while… then I had a great idea to start crashing Maori Tangis and damn, the food is amazing! I ended up having a sack full of kina, a bowl of boil up and a beautiful hangi. Not too sure who died but his familu sure were nice putting on such a nice feed”

Joshua John Carter – Tangi Crasher

The trend now has been going for a number of years. On the secret Facebook group ‘Tangi Crashers’ people list peoples tangis which are upcoming. Some carpool with each other and others just turn up on their own dressed in black, having a little sob.

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