Racist Māori woman abuses Springfield Store and Cafe owners

A video has surfaced online of an aggressive Māori woman abusing the two lovely owners of the Springfield Store and Cafe in Canterbury.

Springfield, about 65 kilometres west of Christchurch, is the last petrol stop on State Highway 73 before the road snakes through the Southern Alps via Arthur’s Pass to the West Coast. 

The rural town, which has about 500 residents, is best known for its large pink doughnut sculpture, a nod to cartoon character Homer Simpson who lives in a town of the same name and loves doughnuts. 

In more recent times, conversations about the town have turned to the Springfield Store and Cafe – dubbed the “Nicest Cafe Owners in New Zealand” – which has attracted some of the best feedback of any cafe in New Zealand.

Wow the pies are so good! I came here with a group of 9 for Uncle Peters birthday. We asked him where he would like to go out for a treat and he said – Springfield Store and Cafe. The pies were just so yummy, I would have to say the best in New Zealand. The owners were so friendly and Donald even gave me a reach around!

Peter Deacon

The award winning cafe has however been the target of abuse. The owners Karyn and Donald Cullingford say that people drive hundreds of miles just to abuse them.

SatireHub spoke to the lovely owner Karyn who had this ot say…

“They come in droves and sit down and eat pies. Leaving bits of pastry all over the fucking tables. They swear, they smoke near the entrance and are just downright rude. They come here just to abuse Donald and myself. We are getting sick of it. Oh and the fake reviews online! That’s another thing, they keep putting these fake reviews up of us. Those uneducated cunts should stick to eating Big Ben’s pies!”\

Video of the scathing attack on the elderly couple is below.

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