Pitbull mix only bites off half of toddler’s face

The mother of a toddler who nearly lost his eye when the family dog attacked him last weekend is warning other parents not to become complacent around their pets.

Two-year old Logan Grieve had been playing in his family’s yard in Katherine, south of Darwin, when suddenly his parent’s heard the child screaming.

His mother, Shannon Coutts, said in retrospect she believes she missed the warning signs their 10-year-old Arab Bull Mastiff cross may have been going blind.

She said her son may have frightened it.

“We believe Logan came around the corner and startled him, and [the dog] warned him with a bite,” Ms Coutts said.

“Thankfully it was only one bite, if it had been any more we wouldn’t have our little boy.”

After being initially treated at Katherine Hospital, Logan had to be airlifted to Darwin for surgery and specialist assessments.

The dog’s teeth penetrated Logan’s eyelid, hitting the back of his right eye socket and causing a compound fracture.

The toddler also sustained a gash across his forehead, as well as many other cuts and bruises that needed more than 40 stitches.

He has been cleared of any permanent eye damage, but will still need three weeks of intravenous antibiotics, and video-link check-ups with his surgeons in Darwin.

Ms Coutts said she hoped Logan’s ordeal would be a timely reminder to other parents to remain vigilant.

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