Parents of 6-year-old Caucasian boy who identifies as Afro-American raise 50k to pay for skin coloring treatment

Parents of a six-year-old Caucasian boy who identifies himself as an Afro-American will now be able to make his dream become a reality.

A fundraiser campaign has now raised more than $50,000 to help for 6-year-old William Mitchell to undergo skin coloring treatments which will permanently alter his skin’s pigmentation.

Andrew and Caroll Mitchell first sent their son to see a psychiatrist last year after he lacked energy, was sluggish and seemed constantly depressed.

Child therapist Eileen Fox eventually diagnosed Mitchell as suffering from an acute form of white guilt syndrome.

“It is a depressing time to be a white Caucasian. When you understand how much suffering we have inflicted on the world as a race, the feeling of guilt can become unbearable, even more so if you are a child,” explains child therapist Eileen Fox.

6-year-old William Mitchell was diagnosed as suffering from an acute form of white guilt syndrome, a mental disorder that affects one in four Caucasian children admits child therapist Eileen Fox.

“He just seemed depressed all the time. Then the psychiatrist realized he was ashamed, ashamed of being white” his father, Andrew Mitchell told reporters in tears.

According to his parents, their son’s symptoms first appeared last year during the month of February when his school organized a special event to celebrate Black History Month.

“Since that day on he just hates anything with the color white. We had to paint his room a different color, he now refuses to wear white socks and will absolutely not drink milk anymore unless it’s chocolate milk” his mother explained, visibly distraught.

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Through a series of injections of melanocytes, cells that produce melanin, young William’s skin pigmentation will progressively and permanently develop a darker color.

Although Mitchell’s parents are grateful for the sums amassed, they admit they still had to take out a second mortgage on the family home to afford the total costs of the injections which they estimate to be in the six figures.

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