North Korean missile hits Facebook’s main server

North Korea launched another missile, but this time it accidentally hit Facebook main server in Oregon. Users are having trouble using Facebook today due to this small incident.

“We had a tiny problem and we’re trying to fix it”, stated Facebook spokesman in a press conference. He would have said it on Facebook, but it’s down.

Several parts of Facebook are working, because that information is located in different data centers. According to user reports, Messenger, notifications and the news feed aren’t working.

The U.S President Donald Trump hasn’t stated anything yet, he’s probably at lunch and will say something when he’s done.

According to South Korea, the missile’s original target might have been SpongeBob’s house, but it accidentally hit Facebook main server.

“ICBM’s are hard to control. We know that Kim hates SpongeBob, and he probably wanted to destroy his house in the Pacific ocean, but the mission failed.”, South Korea stated.

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