New Zealand farmer caught having sex with sheep

A Kiwi farmer has allegedly been caught having sex with a sheep by a neighbours CCTV camera.

The neighbor installed CCTV inside the animal sheds at his farm in Taihape and caught the farmer from next door, Michael Atha having sex with one of his sheep. SatireHub reports what he saw on the recordings left him shocked and dazed that someone would do such a thing to an animal..

Armed with the recordings as evidence, he called in Taihape police who carried out a full investigation.

The Police eventually said a 61-year-old man was arrested. Police are claiming he is the man caught on camera having sex with sheep at the farm.

The police told SatireHub that the suspect was arrested over the weekend in connection with allegedly sexually abusing animals for a period of over 6 months.

The police told the SatireHub the alleged offences came to light when the farm owner next door noticed a change in his sheep’s behaviour. He decided he needed to see what was spooking the animals so much, so installed security cameras.

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