New neighbours must own a cake store or something

Brad and Judy Lanetti awoke to quite a pleasant surprise this morning when they discovered that their new neighbours are a group of bakers, or something.

It was Judy who suggested this after recognising the whipped cream canisters peppering the lawn, as before retiring Judy too was a baker.

After a heavy night of partying and thumping music coming from their neighbour’s direction, the Lanetti’s were especially impressed that the neighbours were able to get up and bake what appears to be over 100 cakes.

“We thought they were just another share house, but aren’t we lucky to live next door to a group of hard working bakers!”

“We could hear music thumping all night but now we see that it was just to keep them awake while they were making all their cakes.”

“It’s such a nice change of pace from all the yahoo drug addicts you see all over the news, we should call A Current Affair and get them to report how our neighbours are bucking the trend”

The Advocate reached out to 4 of the ‘bakers’ from the share house for comment but wasn’t able to record a coherent statement.


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