Neosporin create world’s first anti-butthurt cream for people who get offended on everything

Neosporin, the brand that makes skin care products, has manufactured for the first time in history the first butthurt cream for those people who get offended by everything. The company is excited to sell this new product and it worked in all the 1500 successful tests.

“We are barely starting. Currently the cream will be only sold through the Internet, since it’s the place with more butthurts. After a few months we’ll start selling it in real life”, said the president of the pharmaceutical brand to our reporter Gary Cockburn. He kept going: “Now people will, either accept they’re wrong, or stop complaining and insulting the adversary”.

This is a new step to make the Internet a better place. The cost of the cream will be around $30 NZD it will only be sold through the Internet, at least the first 5 months.

The company announced that the first 1000 buyers will get a free an extra cream for free. So stay alert!

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