NASA and Elon Musk team up to bring back Tony Stark

Tony Stark is lost in space. He has no food, no water and he will eventually run out of oxygen. He needs our help, and that’s why NASA and Elon Musk agreed on building a new spaceship that can travel at 69% of the speed of light in order to bring him back home.

“Our engineers are currently working to find him the vast emptiness of the universe”, NASA director Gary Cockburn said. “We haven’t been able to find him, but once we do, he’ll come back home”.

“I’m going to buy all space companies in the world and make them work together to build a spaceship that can travel at 69% the speed of light.”, Elon Musk stated in a press conference. “Whenever NASA finds our guy, he’ll be back in a snap”.

Both NASA representatives and Elon Musk agree that this is a problem in which humanity must come together to find Tony Stark and bring him back.

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