Mum’s around the world make spaghetti to celebrate Eminems birthday

Today, the self-proclaimed Rap God, Eminem, is turning 47 years old. In honour to him, a lot of mums around the word are cooking spaghettis. While politicians are having a party, these moms are cooking what any son would expect when getting home from school.

“The best way to surprise your son is with mom’s spaghetti“, said a random mum to our reporter Ally Louia, who while cooking told us a beautiful poetry:

Palms are sweaty
Knees weak, arms are heavy
Vomit on my sweater already
Mom’s spaghetti

Delighted by the beautiful lyrics of this poem, our reporter started crying with joy.

We want to support and congratulate to all moms cooking spaghetti today.

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