More than 20 tinny houses in West Auckland forced to close due to ‘security reasons’

Tinny houses in Auckland have been forced to close after a spate of standovers.

21 tinny houses were shut due to “security reasons” on Monday afternoon after a directive was given by the Cannabis Dealers Association.

Customers were were met with a “closed” sign and turned away at the door. 

The closures came after a tinnu house in Te Atatū was robbed at 12.25pm on Sunday, when a robber brandished a gun before making off with a small amount of cash and 56 pre-rolled cannabis tinny’s.

Police said they were aware the tinny shops were closed, but said the decision came directly from The CDA and not from police. 

Swanson resident Tiny Kennedy said her friend had visited four tinny houses in Waitākere and Swanson after work on Monday and all of them were closed. 

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“Why would they close all the fuckin’ tinny shops g? It just doesn’t make sense, how da fuck am I gunna get to sleep without a puff on da electric puha” Kennedy said. 

“It’s just made my fukin’ friend more angry because they control the weed in West Auckland and now he can’t buy a 50 bag unless he drives all the way to Pt Chev. thats fucking shit eh. Ya know how they have that Uber thing to get rides and shit, well I reckon some smart ass fullas should make one for weed ay.” 

The CDA chief executive Grant Pot confirmed the closure was in relation to safety fears after the armed robbery. 

“We made the decision to close all the shops and we will update members of the public when we will reopen on our Facebook pages,” Pot said.

“Our assessment is that the risk is higher than normal. We believe the most responsible position is to close temporarily out of concern for the safety of our people and our highly valued addicts,” he said.  

“While none of our staff were hurt physically, both incidents affected them considerably.  

“We appreciate this is frustrating for customers, but we believe they will understand our duty is to keep both them and our people safe.”

Pot said the situation would be assessed and an update on stores reopening would be provided before midday on Tuesday, following further consultation with police.

All staff rostered for work at the tinny houses would be paid, he said.

A West Auckland cannabis dealer said they didn’t know what was happening, only that a directive was given to close the shop and wait for further instructions.

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But all employees were said to have remained inside the tinny houses, waiting for them to reopen. 

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