McGregor announces he will fight tennis legend Roger Federer in September next year if “The money is right”

The professional boxer and professional mixed martial artist Conor McGregor announced that next year, he may fight the professional tennis player and legend Roger Federer “if and when the money is right”.

McGregor, who fought Floyd Mayweather and lost in August this year, states that “he is not very sure” if he can win. But if the money is right, he is sure that he will fight.

“It doesn’t matter if you win or you lose, what matters is that you make profit out of it.”, McGregor stated.

“I mean, how hard can playing tennis be? It’s just grabbing a racket and hitting a ball.”, McGregor affirmed.

Roger Federer says that he doesn’t “see him as a threat”, but will keep training nonetheless.

McGregor may be willing to fight other professional legends, doing what they do best, such as Jhonny Sins.

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