Maori man criticised for getting a white tribal tattoo

A Brisbane-based Tokoroa man has today been criticised by White Australian Civil Rights groups for what has been described as an adoption of cultural elements of a minority culture.

Prominent activists associated with Australia’s unique moto-racing community have today condemned 32-year-old skip bin logisitics mananger, Kauri Cooper, after a photo of his newest tattoo that was posted on social media went viral.

The tattoo is believed to be paying homage American extreme sports, motocross and lifestyle clothing brand FOX RACING.

The FOX RACING community is known for it’s tribal rituals of doing stunts while jacked up on energy drinks and unique cultural practices, such as listening to Insane Clown Posse.

Mr Cooper has today defended his decision, stating that race is a social construct and says he shouldn’t have to justify his love of watching young men come off dirt bikes at regional exhibition stadiums

“I just feel at one with their culture, cobber” says Kauri.

“The food [dagwood songs], the singing [Khe Sanh], the ceremonies [cutting hoops in the commodore]”

However, representatives of Australia’s shrinking dominion of white middle class men say that his tattoo represents cultural appropriation, and as someone who has never been involved in a race meet or even owns a bike, should refrain from presenting himself as a member of their community.

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