Man smuggles Big Mac into Rimutaka Prison up bumhole

A  man that is believed to be part of a New Zealand white supremacist organization, has been caught trying to smuggle a McDonald’s Big Mac burger into Rimutaka Prison up his ‘prison wallet’ which we understand to be slang for his anal passage.

Sixteen other suspects have been apprehended within the prison walls after the convicted criminal gave the names of other convicts who had sneaked in different fast foods inside the vicinity of the compound and several other burgers and fries have since been seized by prison officials.

Honky White, 23, was arrested this week on drug charges and admitted to officials it was a common ploy to get purposefully arrested to smuggle delicious fast foods into prisons. A Big Mac burger inside the walls of a prison can fetch up to $170.00 as for a McDonalds Cheeseburger they are around $100.

Rimutaka Prison officials say external charges being laid is likely.

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