Man drinks pineapple juice for 2 weeks, sperm still tastes the same

An Irish man Fergus Burke of Dublin has been drinking pineapple juice for 2 weeks straight, however he says it still unfortunately tastes the same.

“Before I started the pineapple juice diet to check if my seamen would change in taste, I tasted it 4 times. The first time I tried it, it tasted like a good heartu Irish potato stew. The second time it tasted like Guiness. The third time it tasted like boxty and forth time it tasted like MDMA for some reason. After the 2 week pineapple diet, all it tasted like was ramen and cheap NZ beer. This is a myth!

Fergus Burke

SatireHub spoke to Doctor Amanda Scots who said bodily fluids, like sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions, and seminal fluids, can be influenced by your diet and lifestyle habits. However, these results aren’t immediate, meaning drinking pineapple juice right before isn’t going to change the taste of semen. Although semen can be a bit more concentrated, a healthy, balanced diet and staying hydrated can help make it less pungent.

“But again, no amount of pineapple in the world is going to make that semen taste like a piña colada, and honestly that would be a bit alarming anyway”, Dr. Amanda Scots, sex therapist, and author of Wanting to Want, told SatireHub.

SatireHub spoke to one lady who told us…

Since what seems like the invention of the juicer, the wonders of pineapple juice have been lauded for their semen-sweetening abilities. And, after my first sip, I can see why; it’s like drinking a glass of sugar water. So sweet is the bright yellow-orange juice, I feel like I might instantly go into diabetic shock. And I’m not even diabetic. My boyfriend, for his part wasn’t as grossed out at first, but after three days he started emphatically insisting that he can’t possibly drink another glass of pineapple juice without hurling.


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