Man contracts yeast infection after having sex with jar of Vegemite

WARNING: Contains Graphic Images

An Australian man contracted a “potentially life-threatening” yeast infection on his penis after he had sex with a jar of Vegemite.

The 31-year-old man got drunk in his Melbourne apartment and ended up having sex with a jar of Vegemite. The yeast infection made its way up his penis hole and reached his testicles, which caused a viscous infection. He was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Dr. Alexander Charlton, an infection specialist who treated the man, told SatireHub that the man’s large build up of smegma, more commonly known as ‘cock cheese’ could be linked to the infection causing toxins to be released in the mans testicles.

The man underwent a CT scan and was diagnosed with “A yeast infection” a bacterial infection in the urethra. He was able to undergo a minor surgery, in which doctors were able to remove some of the cheese which was hiding like a fugitive behind his foreskin.

But the man had to spend about a week in the hospital and had to take two months of antibiotics to kill the infection. Thankfully he had no long-term penis or testical problems. The extraordinary case was published in medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

Image result for penis infection photo
A picture of the mans infected penis

The lucky patient has now been ordered to swear off having sex with jars of Vegemite. His current partner, who is also his mother has removed all yeast spreads from the house.

“Having sex with Vegemite can only cause problems,” Charlton said.

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