Local 18-year-old lines up empty beers like a fucken legend

If you don’t save the bottles from the first session you had, then how will anyone know how much of a fucken legend you are?

This rite of passage usually only ever amounts to a loud bin run, but for one Betoota Quarry 18-year-old it’s meant a world title.  

This morning Weber, the Wonder of the World organiser, declared Betoota was now home to the 8th wonder of the world. The highly prestigious title was given to local sick cunt Clayton Manning’s empty beer bottle collection, which he tells The Advocate he’s only been adding to “for like a month, haha.”

“Me and the boys thought it’d be sick if we kept all our empties so we can see how much fuckin’ grog we’re smashin’” 

“It’s pretty sick, but, isn’t it?” he asked our reporter, desperately seeking some kind of affirmation.

While Clayton is stoked with his bottle collection being recognised, some locals think it’s an absolute disgrace.

“Are these people serious? We’ve got the Betoota Falls – which are bigger than the Niagara Falls.”

“How this bogan’s empty beer collection got listed is beyond me” 

The wonders of the world are decided by citizens of the world and are chosen by a vote. So, while it may seem like a stitch-up that Clayton’s bottles are now a national treasure, the people can’t argue with the 400,000 votes his collection received.

More to come.

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