Kyle Sandilands calls the prophet Muhammad a ‘dirty pedophile’

Radio host Kyle Sandilands is under fire from religious groups for making offensive comments about the prophet Muhammad.

During a segment on KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the 48-year-old said ‘Yeah, I know people got upset about the Virgin Mary joke but it was a joke. It’s not like I said something like Mohammed was a dirty pedophile and so are most Mulsim men’

He ridiculed the idea which is in the Qran that talks about the 72 virgins.

‘What other kind of religion offers someone in heaven 72, 12 year old virgins? It is fucking sick, they should behead themselves!”

n-studio footage of the segment was later shared to social media by KIIS FM. Kyle Sandilands also called, ex bikie and failed podcast host Moudi Tajjour a fucking dog.

Listeners were quick to slam Kyle for his comments, which eventually resulted in the video being taken down, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Another unrelated video was deleted by KIIS FM’s social media administrators after people began leaving angry comments directed at Kyle.

‘Low life scumbags @kyleandjackieo think they are funny when they mock Mohammed who many Faiths believe in,’ one listener wrote.

‘That’s why the world turns to s**t because people have no religion and they don’t respect other people’s beliefs even if they do,’ another person commented. 

A third added: ‘Kyle we are going to pray for you. You are not well and need help. Everyone will pray for you. May Allah have mercy on you Kyle.’ 

Kyle’s joke seemingly offended Muslims from around the world, with one man even commenting on the post from Lebanon.

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