HIV – The dangerous new weight loss trend

Doctors are warning the public over the current ‘HIV weight loss trend’. It is reported that a wide range of people from the morbidly obese to stay-at-home mums have been purposely catching HIV as a weight loss hack,

Dr. Lovepreet at Wellington District Hospital told Stuffed

“Overweight people are ‘bug-chasing’ which is the practice of pursuing sexual activity with HIV-positive individuals in order to contract the disease to lose weight. The already infected individuals are referred to as ‘Giftgivers’ and they get deep inside the bug-chaser to try and help infect them”

Stuffed spoke to a man who recently contracted HIV on purpose and he said that he had lost a whopping 69kg in 4 months! He said he couldn’t afford to get weight loss surgery so HIV was his next best option.


“Even through all the nausea, vomitting, peresitant diarrhea and chronic fatigue – at least I’m not fat anymore!”  – David



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