Hasbro release Guess Who: Non-binary Edition

Children’s toy and game maker Hasbro has ‘Taken a leap into the twenty first century’ by creating the world’s first genderless Non-binary game.

Guess Who, which was originally released back in 1982 when there were only two genders, has been updated after claims the game was ‘Too white and too straight’.

Janet Hambeazt of feminist group Feminist Action Team (Aka FAT) has praised the move.

“Guess Who was an inherently white supremacist game, there were no POC faces at all, thankfully with this update there will be much more diversity and inclusion.”

“We’ve added lots of different genders including demi-gender, transqueer and pangender.”

Hasbro has also rewritten the rules of the game, with questions such as “Are you a woman?” And “Are you a man?” being outlawed as they assume people’s gender and may cause offence.

Tom Swatch, FAT member and creator of the game said, “The whole point in this game is not to judge, I know that goes against the whole point of Guess Who, but guess what? That is the point.”

“All questions should be inclusive as possible, the game should really be seen as more of an educational tool.”

The game was released Friday and you purchase from all major toys and games stores.

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