Ford Taurus sponsors Mark “Devast8” Cropp for $320

Hot on the heels of the launch of their latest Taurus model in New Zealand and Australia, Ford has taken a very different marketing approach.

Mark Cropp, the former inmate who had DEVAST8 notoriously inked over his face, has undergone tattoo laser removal for his current “DEVAST8” facial tattoo and has had it replaced with a model of a Ford Taurus and the logo of both make and model.

Ford New Zealand can confirm that  Mark Cropp was paid $320 in exchange for the facial tattoo and the use of his likeness in advertising for life. StuffedNZ can also confirm that Cropp signed away his power of attorney to Ford NZ for no reason at all.

Graeme Whickman, president and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand, confirmed Cropp was paid immediately.

The maniac was paid in $20 bills as per his request. I only hope he paid his income tax on top of that.”

StuffedNZ understands that Cropp has also been given a used Taurus as part of his payment package.

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