Eating dogs could be made illegal in New Zealand

Eating dogs will be banned in NZ if Labour are successful with proposed changes to the current Agriculture Bill.

It is currently legal to ‘humanely kill and eat a dog you own’ in NZ, Who knew?

Proposals to change current laws come after the US Congress outlawed the eating of dog and cat meat in the US in 2018.

It’s also suggested the change in NZ law would serve as an example to countries in the far east where consuming dog and cat meat is not only legal to do but also a popular activity.

In places like China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, it’s estimated 30 million dogs a year are killed for their meat.

Jacinda Ardern said “It is simply not right to eat companion animals.

“There are also some incredibly cruel practices related to the eating of dogs around the world, such as the belief that the animals taste better if they die when stressed.

“We want to lead by example alongside countries like the United States, Germany and Austria who have already implemented bans – not lag behind them, and I hope the Government will listen.”

The prime minister is leading the bid along with backing from Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges.

Anti Dog Meat Campaigners Outside Parliament. Credit: PA

Some opposition MPs have shown interest in the bill changes and Ardern even held meetings with some campaign groups recently.

Ardern’s proposed changes would ‘prohibit the human consumption, transport and possession of dog and cat meat’ and would make the act punishable with a sentence of up to six months in prison.

In August 2018, the World Dog Alliance launched a campaign to put a stop to the consumption of dog meat in NZ.

Anti Dog Meat Campaigners In The US. Credit: PA

Jamie Lee Ross has frequently been cited as a supporter of the campaign and has called the act of eating dog meat a ‘disgusting habit’.

The campaign is also backed by the NZ Kennel Club as its secretary, Caroline Kisko, said: “We fully understand the impact that NZ animal welfare laws can have on other countries, which is why we strongly support the World Dog Alliance’s campaign to make it illegal for humans to eat dog meat in NZ.

“Dogs are our beloved companions who should be nurtured and looked after, not eaten. Thankfully there have been no cases in NZ but that should not stop us changing the law here to help protect them from unnecessary harm in countries where this appalling practice takes place.”

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