Doctors diagnose rapper Lil Sick officially sicker than AIDS

Doctors have diagnosed a Brisbane based rapper ‘sicker than AIDS’ after he climbed to the top of the Arias over the weekend.

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Dr John Bates from Royal Brisbane hospital made a statement saying that Lil Sick is officially sicker than AIDS.

Lil Sick, is an Australian rapper known for his hyperactive public persona, where he is often portrayed using Weat-Bix. For the last few months rumours had been circulating social media about the rappers abnormally large penis. Ex-girlfriends of the rapper describe Lil Sicks manhood between 12 and 14.5 inches.

He literally has tear drops tatted on his penis. It literally murders any pussy that it goes near. The thing is bigger than any Nigerian scammers I know.

Melody Princeton – Ex-girlfriend
Lil Sick is number one on the Australian music charts.

Despite only being active in the scene for about 2 months, Lil Sick already has a decent sized fan base and has already amassed more than 1 billion views on YouTube. There have been rumours flying around that Gucci will be offering Sick a lifetime sponsorship deal.

SatireHub got in contact with Kerser to see what he thought of Lil Sick.

To be honest lad – he is doing good things for the scene. He has come out with an impeccable flow and he is a deadset good cunt. I can now finally admit I ain’t the sickest in Australia, I gotta give that title to the lad himself – Lil Sick.

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Kerser admits he ain’t the sickest no more.

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