Craig Smith’s Gollywog Song reaches the top of New Zealand music charts

Businesses around the country are praising children’s author Craig Smith’s 2008 song in praise of golliwogs. The children’s song has just hit number one on all music charts!

Smith, who wrote The Wonky Donkey, also penned Golliwog Song, in which he said he was given a golliwog at age three. “I never looked at his colour, I never looked at his race. I just liked his beautiful hair and smile across his face. If they can make white dolls then why can’t they make black – raise your voice and shout aloud the golliwog’s back.”

The video includes a PC policeman.

“In this day and age apparently it’s politically incorrect to use the term golliwog, it shows a lack of respect to smiley black people…”

Smith said he had not performed the song in 10 years and had removed links to it from all digital platforms that he could. But it is still on his website and YouTube.

People are still having a fucking cry.

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