Cop attempts to shoot dog for barking but accidentally shot himself instead

In a totally shocking incident, a police officer has shot himself on the right leg, after missing his main target, a dog. According to local officials, the dog (named “Pepe”) was barking too loud in the middle of the night, and the police officer Thomas Brown woke up a little dizzy, grabbed his gun and attempted to murder him.

His wife woke up after hearing the shot, and found the dog trying to help Brown get up.

She called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital.

“I was drunk at the time and on my right mind I would never attempt to shoot my dog”, said Brown to our officer Gary Cockburn, who was at the hospital with him. He kept going: “I’m so glad it was my leg and not my baby”, he concluded.

Brown will recover in about 3-6 weeks, but he may not be able to use his leg again.

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