Cardi B charged with domestic terrorism and lewdness in public by New York Police

Cardi B has left the Flushing, Queens precinct where she turned herself into police this morning after a strip club fight that she was allegedly involved in. Cardi has been charged with— domestic terrorism and lewdness in puiblic—NYPD confirmed to Stuffed today. She left the office smiling at the paparazzi waiting outside.

An NYPD official told Stuffed earlier that the fight happened at Angels Strip Club around 3 a.m. on August 29, and two women “were attacked with chairs, bottles and other items. She threatened to blow up the strip club and started stabbing her vagina with a crucifix which she then made Nikki Minaj smell”

Those two women, according to TMZ, were bartender sisters Jade and Baddie Gi. Per the outlet’s multiple sources familiar with the situation, Cardi B believed Jade had slept with her husband Offset and allegedly told her crew with her at the club to attack the two.

Cardi was not arrested today, but a mugshot was taken and a court summons was issued. Cardi will be due in court to answer the charges on October 29.

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