BREAKING NEWS – Ruby Rose confirms ‘I’m a 10 year old boy’

Ruby Rose, the famed Australian actress, model, and DJ, who is well known for her flawless looks and apparent ability to “turn a girl lesbian”, has been revealed herself/himself to actually be a 10 year old boy called Shawn Rosen.

Ruby Rose has received major attention the past few years for her fabulous looks and modeling photographs. Rather than becoming the obsession of males, she has become the obsession of females—both gay and straight. However, StuffedNZ can inform you that Ruby Rose is not what we all thought she was, and after years of rumours, Rose, or Rosen as we now must call him, confirmed in a press release through his agent that he is in fact a 10 year old boy.

Shawn Rosen was born a male, but always “identified” as a girl.

Rosen began acting and dressing like a girl, according to family members. At the age of 8, Rosen underwent multiple surgeries to look like a female.

Ironically, being a man turned woman, Rosen looks like a woman who wants to be a man.

It has also been revealed that Shawn Rosen ties a piece of string around the tip of his penis and has a cork attached to the other end, this allows for the old “tuck & stuff”, where the penis can be tucked back and the cork stuffed up Rosen’s ass.

More to follow.

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