Woman pays to push electric scooters around CBD at below walking speed

Electric scooters have landed in New Zealand’s two largest cities and one woman pays to push them around Auckland because it apparently makes her look cool.

About 400 scooters, made and operated by California-based Lime, are spread throughout Christchurch and 500 in Auckland. Those numbers will rise to 700 and 1000 respectively in the near future.

They can travel at speeds of up to 27kmh and have a maximum range of 48km.

Users find and unlock the scooters using an app on their phone. They are dockless, which means they can be left anywhere safe within a certain geographical area, marked out in the app.

The scooters are pegged as an easier to ride alternatives than bicycles, while being more suitable for those in more formal clothes. Renting one costs $1 plus 30 cents a minute, the equivalent of $18 an hour. Riders must be 18 to use the scooters.

Lime spokesman Cameron Swanson said he thought the service would do “wonders for both cities”. New Zealand is the first country in the Asia Pacific region to get the scooters.

City councillor Vicki Buck said the scooters were “zero emissions and a lot of fun”.

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