Australian newspaper’s hilarious troll of royal welcome

We take our hats off to you Courier Mail!

Australian newspaper the Courier Mail has captioned a poignant photo of Prince Harry with Meghan being greeted with a hongi in Wellington as the “Sniff test”.

The Brisbane-based paper continues with its hilarious comments, headlining an article about the royal couple’s arrival in Wellington: “NZ really nose how to welcome royal cuzzies”.

The couple were both embraced with hongi at a traditional Māori welcome ceremony, which also included a military gala, haka and 21-gun salute, on the lawns of Government House on Sunday.

The hongi is a traditional Māori greeting and is done by both parties by pressing noses and forehead at the same time. It represents the breath of life being exchanged, you just hope the other fulla doesn’t have bad breath.

University of Waikato associate professor at the faculty of Māori and Indigenous studies Mr. Snowflake said it was not funny and would be offensive in Australia, New Zealand or the UK, regardless of an indigenous context, to suggest that people of a high status had to be sniffed.

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