Auckland’s worst poo ridden pools revealed

Auckland’s public pools with the highest rates of poo incidents have been revealed.

The worst-hit pools were Onehunga War Memorial Pool and Pakuranga’s Elsmore Pool.

Both facilities have had to close 29 times each so far this year as a result of the contaminants, Auckland Council spokesperson Alex Calwell told Stuffed.

Albany Stadium pool, the most contaminated last year, has already had to close 25 times in 2018.

Mr Calwell said infants and toddlers are the main offenders, but sometimes it is teenagers and the elderly.

“We’ve done a pretty heavy promotional campaign around wearing swim nappies for the under 3s and we’ve seen quite a significant reduction in the number of incidents,” he told Stuffed.

He said it’s important to let staff know if you see poo or vomit in a public pool.

“Because it can be quite embarrassing for some people, nine times out of 10 you won’t find the person who caused it, because the parents are embarrassed that their child has done that, they’ll just whip them out.”

Pools across Auckland closed 581 times last year due to fecal related incidents.

Other pools with a high number of ‘code brown’ incidents are Otara Pool and Leisure Centre, Albany Stadium Pool and Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre.

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