Auckland Pride Parade 2019 cancelled

Auckland’s Pride Parade will be cancelled in 2019, homo’s from all around New Zealand are not happy.  

Confusion arose after a hui held on Tuesday evening, after a Pride member floated an idea to have a “coming-out march” instead of a parade. 

Auckland Pride board member Zakk d’Larté confirmed on Wednesday the parade was cancelled. 

However, during the hui “people that left halfway through just came up with factually correct statements and they started to flourish and get around”, d’Larté said. 

“Last night was an opportunity for us to say our ideas and our thought processes at this point, but then we opened the floor to people’s ideas and someone from the floor suggested if we could make it a coming-out march that we used to have all these years ago.

“It was a suggestion from the membership and that’s now spiralled to ‘the parade’s cancelled’ and ‘there’s going to a march and a protest’ and we’re like ‘hold up, we have not decided this’.”

The Auckland Pride board had not yet reconvened to discuss Tuesday night’s hui but it was still committed to cancel the community-led parade, he said.

“We are going to be putting a stop to the parade “

Next year’s Pride Parade wont be “huge, queer, rainbow, beautiful and gayer than ever, because it just ain’t happening” d’Larté said.

The hui followed a special general meeting of the board, held on December 6, where members survived a ‘no confidence’ vote over their decision to ban ppolice from marching.

Police are no longer welcome to march in uniforms at the Auckland Pride Parade.
AIDEN ROGERS/STUFFPolice are no longer welcome to march in uniforms at the Auckland Pride Parade.

The vote was 273 for the vote of no confidence, and 325 against.

A number of corporate sponsors and participants pulled out of the parade over the ban.

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