Fertility clinic accused of inseminating women with pig semen

Six employees of a fertility clinic in the city of Lanzhou, in the Northwestern Chinese province of Gansu, received sentences ranging from 8  to 25 years in prison after they were found guilty of using pig semen to fertilize dozens of women. Between June 2016 and March 2017, a total of 86 women who had paid 50,000 yuán ($7,700) to be inseminated with sperm from “candidates carefully selected from the Chinese elite” were instead fertilized with swine semen. Only 4 of these women actually got pregnant, and all of them miscarried before the…

Police find ‘fuck all’ during Invercargill raid

Invercargill Police caught nothing but AIDS during a raid on a shitty old house in West Invercargill. Police pounced on Wednesday morning after getting a tip off that someone was writing satirical articles from there. They were told they would find a computer with racy homosexual images of some of New Zealand’s most sexy detectives. They were not wrong, they found a vintage porn collection from 1970’s and condoms with fecal matter covering them.