1080 protests achieve nothing once again

The argument about 1080 rages on in New Zealand, in our homes our workplaces but most importantly by do-nothing anti-1080 losers online.

I’m not sure what their recent “ban 1080” was supposed to achieve but it certainly made them look like a bunch of fucktards. If you don’t know what I’m referring to that makes it even funnier; recently protesters of the poison most commonly known as 1080 have decided to comment “ban 1080” on any and all Facebook news pieces and live feeds in an attempt to raise awareness of their outrage over 1080.

There’s a very common theme amongst the protesters

  1. Most of them don’t know a thing about 1080
  2. They’ve never stepped foot in a bush
  3. They don’t understand the pest problem in New Zealand
  4. They have no plausible alternative to offer in place of 1080.

My assumption is it’s a bunch of bored housewives who don’t know shit from clay. There seems to be a huge online culture at the moment of people thinking they’re actually doing their part by sharing an article on their Facebook page.

What I suggest is when you see someone in your friends list who does this, put them to task and quiz them on the topic, bet they don’t know their asshole from their elbow on the topic.


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